04 May 2015

Division E International Speech and Table Topics Contests 2014/2015

Toastmasters Division E International Speech and Table Topics Contests were held at Open University Malaysia, K.L. on Sunday last, the 19th of April from 12 noon until 6 pm. 

The event was hugely popular and drew in crowds of Toastmasters, well-wishers, die-hard supporters and guests from near and far. They came in droves to witness, admire and relish the experience of this public speaking and table topics Championships. The participants comprised the 'best of the best', the 'cream of the crop' and the 'creme de la creme' if you will, in public speaking.

The venue's lobby was packed to capacity, almost bursting at the seams, streaming and swarming with people and activity. The sweltering afternoon heat and the foreboding forecast of impending wet weather later on did little to dampen the spirits of the over zealous attendees from enjoying the show. So, the place was a hive of activity with the club officials feverishly helping out with the registration process, guiding and directing the assembly to the welcome spread of food and light refreshments served for Lunch so that the Contests can start in earnest. Imagine the Division Governor herself and her coterie of Area Governors stepping out from their lofty positions to lend a hand to the diligent Role players as a show of passionate and unflagging support. That was indeed true toastmastership. It was a heartening sight to see such steadfast commitment and almost fanatical dedication and devotion to their cause. Next the exuberant contestants and role players were given the standard pep briefing by the Chief Judge along with both the contests' and Organising Chair persons in tow.

The Sargeant-At-Arms (SAA) emphatically and energetically struck the gavel sharp on the dot, calling the Contest to order. House rules were interpreted succinctly and to the point by the sprightly and spirited Kevin Teh, CC, for the audience to abide by. A hush descended over the crowd in the opulent hall where everyone was seated comfortably cozy in eager anticipation for the enthralling events to unfold.

First off, the elegant and enchanting Toastmaster of the Day, Shafida, ACB, ALB took to the podium to extend a gracious welcome to the expectant audience with her mellifluous voice, setting the stage for an exhilarating evening of fun, fusion and fanfare! 

The Organizing Chair, the pleasant and pleasing toned Rama, CC. CL, laid out the Welcome Mat, so to speak, to the approving smiles and support of the audience.

Moving on, the Contest Chair, the bright and bubbly personality Sharon Wong, TM, was fluent with her brief introduction of the International Speech rules, paving the way for the contestants to take the stage by storm and belt it out. 

There were 5 Speakers namely Ahmad Tabeh, Vincent Hoy, S.T. Ang, Alex Lu and the lone and lovely rose among the thorns, Dilaasha. The subjects ranged from Toying with emotions, Rings, Lemons, Nostalgia and Happiness. The fan favorite, Vincent Hoy took the pole position followed by Ahmad Tabeh and Alex Lu clinching 2nd and 3rd places respectively. The audience were thrilled to bits, witnessing such power packed performances by the Speakers.

The intermission was more of a 'Break & Bond' Session where everyone was seen boisterously exchanging notes, pleasantries and delightfully mixing and mingling with carefree abandon while savoring some light meals. That was indeed a welcome sight to behold.

The SAA once again promptly called the Contest to order. Group Photo Session ensued with veteran in house 'photographers' 'calling the shots'. 

The talented Toastmaster of the Day Shafida graced the floor to pump in more vibrant energy into the proceedings by her 'Energizer' talk-piece. The Table Topics Contest Chair, the charming and communicative Indra Renganathan, ACB, CL, then took control to specify the Rules governing this part of the Contest with crisp-clear clarity. Having received the 'Topics' from the Chief Judge, the fashionably flamboyant Tuan Haji Hashim, ACB, ALS, the Contest Chair proceeded to conduct the Session. 

The 7  Table Topic Speakers namely Sashi, Eddy Pun, Kunavathy, Anita Wong, Lee Meng Tze, Anand and Jessynder, sure impressed the listeners with riveting performances. It was a hard choice for the Judges. Anita Wong the star speaker, without a flicker of a doubt was gloriously crowned champion with runner-ups being Lee Meng Tze and Eddy Pun. All in all the Contests portrayed a tapestry of colorful Speakers who wowed the audience endlessly. 

The wonderful and warmhearted DTM Sue Ding, Lieutenant Governor, Education and Training, gave a short and sweet address in dulcet tones to inspire us to reach greater heights of excellence in our Toastmasters' speaking and leadership journey and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts for it. 

Presentation of certificates to all participants plus glittering Trophies to the Champions by the Division Governor and the Contest Chairs ensued with great fiesta and fanfare to thundering applause and acclamation from the floor.  

Our Division E Governor, the Iconic Toastmaster personality, the charming and charismatic S.K.L. Mama Walia, DTM, stole the limelight of the evening's showtime. A warm and hearty smile flickering across her face said it all while heaping lavish praises and plaudits on her fabulous Team for their tireless and relentless efforts and showing gratitude to the Participants, Members and Role players for the overall success of the Contest. She singled out our very own Area Governor, the bright and brilliant Meera Shanmughanathan, ACS, ALB, for her immense and immeasurable contributions in chartering, nurturing and mentoring numerous new Clubs and ensuring IEM TM achieves and stays President's Distinguished Club for 2015. Kudos to our beloved leaders!  We in IEM are mighty proud and pleased to have our in our midst 3 Champions. Bravo to them! 

As all good things must come to an end, so too the curtains for this memorable event came down in much style and status at approximately 6 pm

Until we meet the next time, Au Revoir !

(This blog post was written by Anthony Kolandai, ACB)

11 January 2015

IEM Toastmasters International Speech & Table Topics Contest

Last Thursday, 8 January 2015 saw IEM Toastmasters Club holding its International Speech and Table Topics contest.

The evening started off with the organizing chair, Mok Zhen Yick welcoming all the guests present and thanking the organizing team.

The first contest to be held was the International Speech contest. There were 8 contestants and the contest was a very closely fought battle.

First up was the Sim Bock San, the 2012/2013 District International Speech and Humorous Speech Champion, with his speech “inside out”. Sim’s take home message was that sometimes, merely saying sorry was all that was needed, but doing so from the “inside out”, from the heart.

Anthony was next with his story of an accident he was involved in. Anthony taught the audience that if we face difficult situations with a positive outlook, we will triumph.

Anita Wong was next with her speech “Plan B”. The lesson she imparted to the audience that night was that chasing paper qualifications was not really important, but rather what was important was doing was one wanted in life.

Meng Tze, the fourth contestant inspired the audience with her speech “Bounce Back” recounting her experience exactly 2 years prior to the contest date when she suffered a stroke at such a young age, but managed to bounce back to life.

The next contestant was IEM President, Mac Chanachayai, whose speech was titled “No one can touch you unless you allow them”. In this speech, Mac, recalling incidents of bullying in school and on the road, spoke of his father’s advice that no one can make a person feel any less or inferior unless they allow others to do so.

The audience was chilled to the bone with the speech of the next contestant, Kanagaraj Pillay, who stood out with a horror story of a Joke Gone Wrong, ending the speech with suspense and the audience wondering what was the conclusion of the story.

Alex Lu, Immediate Past President of IEM Toastmasters spoke about his grandfather and his contributions to the town of Sandakan, inspiring the audience with the values that he was brought up with.

The youngest contestant Ho Aaron impressed the audience with his story of getting fit, ending with a call to action to stop and smell the roses, quoting a poem by William Henry Davies.

After a short interval, the evening progressed further with the following table topic contestants taking part in the table topic contest: Anita Wong, Ng Yee Chia, Ismail Omar, Chi Je-Mein, Lee Meng Tze, Andrew Nathan, Ho Aaron and Tengku Noreena.

Championship for the International Speech went to Sim Bock San, with the first runner-up to Alex Lu and the second runner up to Mac Chanachayai. The Table Topics Contest was won by Anita Wong, with the first runner-up to Lee Meng Tze and the second runner up to Andrew Nathan.

(This post was written by Meera Shanmughanathan, Area E3 Governor, ACS, ALB)

25 November 2014

Big Data and the Personal Data Protection Act

In this digital day and age, we are constantly bombarded with so much information on the internet. Our actions, personal details etc are constantly updated and broadcasted over the internet and social media. It comes as no surprise that we have come to a state where we are either paranoid with the publicity of our actions on the internet or quite willing to share information without fully comprehending the risks associated with loss of privacy and the use and misuse of information on the internet.

As my final speech leading to the Advanced Communicator Silver Award, I will be giving a short presentation this coming Thursday, 27 November 2014, on “Big Data and the Personal Data Protection Act”. The focus of the presentation will be on the challenges/affronts that big data poses to data protection in the following respects:
(a) disclosure of personal data;
(b) consent and privacy; and
(c) security

I would encourage those attending the presentation this Thursday to read the following material in advance by visiting the following links:
I welcome any questions which you may have and will endeavour to have them answered during the presentation provided they are emailed to me by noon on Wednesday, 26 November 2014. As this is a 12 to 15 minute presentation, with a specific focus as mentioned above, if you have any questions thereafter, please do not hesitate to email me at meerasnathan@gmail.com or post the question at this website. Thank you.

Meera Shanmughanathan, ACB, ALB.

23 November 2014

Next Meeting 27-11-14

Who have been doing all the speeches?

Next Meeting is Tuesday 27-11-14 from 19:25

SAA: Alvin Chia, TM
Invocator: Bock San Sim, CC
Presiding Officer: Ismail Omar, DTM (Introduces Guests)
TME: Patrick Lee, TM (Introduces Role Players)

TTM: Ng Yee Chia, ACB, CL
TTE: Alex Lu, ACS, ALB

GE: Johan Irwan, ACS, ALB
Grammarian: Bock San Sim, CC
'AH' Counter: Seyyed Mohsein, TM
Timer: Shy Lin Ng, TM

Project Speakers:
Lim Terk Yiang, CC: CC#2: The 3 Lessons
Andy Sani TM: CC#5 Magic Tree Story
Aaron Ho TM, CC#5 Time Management
Mariappan ACB: ACM#4: Don't Bark at Dogs
Meera S Nathan, ACB, ALB ACM#5: Big Data, Data Protection

Speech Evaluators:

Chia Meng Yee, ACB, ALB
Anthony Kolandai, ACB
Rhoda Omar, CC, CL
Col Nik M Zaki, CC, CL
Kanagaraj Pillai, ACB, CL

See you there

04 September 2014

Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests 14th August 2014

Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests 14th August 2014

Organising Chair:
Ho Aaron

Ismail Omar

Contest Chairs:
Humorous Speech Contest:
Lim Suleen
Evaluation Contest:
Joe Yap
Chief: Alex Lu
  1. Mock Zhen Yick
  2. Chong Ee Lian
  3. Suresh Kumar
  4. Steven Ang

Results of Contests:

Humorous Speech

  1. Robert Ram
  2. Andrew Nathan
  3. Lee Meng Tze

Speech Evaluation

  1. Robert Ram
  2. Lee Meng Tze
  3. Ng Yee Chia

25 July 2014

Meeting of 31st July 2014

Presiding Officer: Ismail Omar, DTM
SAA: Ho Aaron TM

TME: Meera Shanmuganathan, ACB, ALB

GE: Francis Lim, CC
Grammarian: Engr. Aaron Ho, TM
'AH' Counter:
Timer: Ee Lian Chong,TM

Project Speakers:
  1. Engr. Zhen Yick Mock, TM: CC#2: Organise Your Speech
  2. Ir. Lim Suleen, TM: CC#4: Mobile Device Technology
  3. May Ong, #3 (OUM TM)
  4. Alex Lu, ACB, ALB, ACM#5: Story Telling, Historical Figure – Lincoln
  5. Ir. Andrew Nathan, ACM#5 Persuasive Speaking, It's worth Drinking
Speech Evaluators:
  1. Yee Chia Ng, CC
  2. Chia Meng Yee, CC, ALB
  3. Clement Ong, DTM
  4. Robert Ram, DTM
  5. Engr. Lee Meng Tze, DTM

See you there

Minutes of the Meeting #204 held on 31st July 2014

(Recorded by Andrew Soosainathan)

The meeting started at 19:30 with the SAA Aaron Ho called the meeting to order. DTM Ismail Omar welcomed everyone and got the meeting underway. Immediate past president Alex Lu also spoke about the Semi Annual Convention to be held this November.

The meeting followed on with TME, Meera Shanmughanathan   taking charge immediately and introduced the Table Topics Master, Juleen Lim. Five contestants took part; Sivalingam, May Ong, Lee Meng Tze, Robert Ram and Andrew Nathan.

The Timer was TM Lian Chong – there were no disqualifications for Table Topics speaker.

Intermission was declared by the SAA – 20:30

Meeting resumed at 20:45 with the TME introducing in turn five project speakers; Zhen Yick Mok, Lim Suleen, May Ong, Alex Lu and Andrew Nathan.

At the end of the project speech presentation, the GE, CC Francis Lim took charge and called out the following people to give an account of the events:-

‘AH’ Counter – Alireza Parpaei

Grammarian – Aaron Ho

Timer – Ee Lian Chong

GE Francis Lim then hands the controls back to the IEM president DTM Ismail Omar.

The president then announces the following winners:

Table Topics – DTM Sivalingam

Best Evaluator – DTM Robert Ram

Best Speaker – ALB ACB Alex Lu

The meeting is then adjourned at 22:30

Next meeting is planned for the 14 August 2014 which would be the Club Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests.

24 July 2014

Minutes of The Meeting at IEM Toastmasters 24-July-2014

Presiding Officer: Ismail Omar, DTM
SAA: Ho Aaron TM

TME: Ir. Lim Suleen TM

GE: Chan Yew Choong, CC
Grammarian: Yee Chia Ng, CC
'AH' Counter: Engr. Chong Ee Lian, TM
Timer: Maysin Ong, TM

Project Speakers:
  1. Ir. Joe Yap, TM: CC#2: Get to the Point –A Story Between Him and Me.
  2. Engr. Ho Aaron, TM: CC#3: Get to the Point – The Leader in You
  3. Ir. Lim Juleen, TM: CC#8: Get Comfortable With Visual Aids - How to use Easy-Speak?

Speech Evaluators:
  1. Rhoda Omar, CC, CL
  2. Chia Meng Yee, CC, ALB
  3. Ken Wayne Tan, ACB, CL

TTM: Patrick Lee, TM

Mariel Fong, TM
Peter Huang, (Guest)
Mahendran Chelliah, TM
Scott Brand, CC
Aaron Ho, TM
Ir. Suleen Lim, TM

Next Meeting is Next Thursday 31st July 2014
Selamat Hari Raya